Ageless Sex™

Keep posted for Dr. Mayer’s guide to awakening women’s libidos, first in the series of Conscious Coupling: Ageless Sex books. They will be written from different perspectives, one for women and the other for men.

Dr. Mayer helps clients to become comfortable with their sexuality through education and specific verbal recommendations. Her expertise is in sexual desire, arousal and response, with a focus on intimacy and pleasure.

She specializes in techniques that take into consideration different body types and age/health related challenges. Dr. Mayer’s suggestions are tailored to her client’s needs, with the ultimate goal of following her Ageless Sex™ philosophy – The physical expression of intimacy taking into consideration emotional needs, aging bodies, and health challenges.

Dr. Mayer meets with clients in her Fitler Square, Philadelphia office or via Skype/phone. She also consults on cases with mental health professionals. A free consultation is available to see if Dr. Mayer is the right person to meet your sexual goals, email