Susana Mayer, PhD, Clinical Sexologist

Susana Mayer’s clientele consult with her because they are interested in sexual growth. Some are dealing with issues affecting their sexual pleasure and others are interested in developing their sexuality. Dr. Mayer provides adult sex education and specific verbal instructions to help them meet their goals.

Testimonials: “I think what makes Dr. Mayer special is her comfort in talking about sex and normalizing sexual issues. It was the first time I didn’t feel self-conscious talking about my sexual problems.”…”Dr. Mayer answered all my sex questions without making me feel embarrassed. She never passed any judgement.” … “My sessions with Dr. Mayer felt like the adult sex-ed class I never had.”

Schedule A Session

1 hour tele/video sessions – $90.

1/2 hour tele/video sessions are specifically designed for people who have only one question they would like answered by a specialist in sexology – $50.

1 hour in person sessions – $125 (These sessions will resume once it is safe to meet again.)

Payment Method: In advance via PayPal (You do not have to be a member of PayPal to use their services.) 24 hour cancellation policy.

Book a Session: Email State your question if you are interested in a 1/2 hour session. For a 1 hour session, briefly describe your goals, problems, and/or concerns.

List several dates or days you are available and times. Mention whether you would prefer a telephone session or via Zoom (Membership is not required.)

Difference between a clinical sexologist and sex therapist? 

A clinical sexologist specializes in human sexuality and has studied sexual behavior from a variety of perspectives; psychological, biological, sociological, anthropological, etc. it is an extremely long list. They offer adult sex education and specific verbal instructions to help clients meet their goals. Some sexologists are credentialed psychologists and can also offer intense therapy. Sexology is also an unregulated field and people do call themselves sexologists without official training.

A sex therapist is trained in psychology and offers intense therapy. They may have taken one course/workshop in human sexuality or many, but since it is presently an unregulated field in Pennsylvania any psychologist can call themselves a sex therapists.

When you are searching for a practitioner it is important to ask about their training and credentials.


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