> It was very obvious to me that the author put a lot of time and energy into the production of this book. Every aspect of sexuality that I can think of was mentioned in this book and I truly believe that ANYONE/EVERYONE could find a take-away to improve their sex life, if they are inclined to do so. Not only is the book well written, but there is a website with a TON of wonderful resources to choose from!

> Its biggest strength? My easy full-immersion participation, from wide page margins designed to encourage me to make notes to myself or my partner, to checklists and questionnaires to define and keep my insights, to a page of key bullet points at the end of each chapter….The book’s message? If you’re not harvesting joy and fulfillment from your emotional and sexual life, it’s within your power to change that. I’m happy (and excited) this book is sitting right next to breakfast! I’m glad I found it.

> Is it possible to maintain an erotic charge in a long-term relationship; to keep the libidos lit over the seasons of life?
Short answer, yes, but it’s not so easy in the real world. Ask people, you’ll see. Work demands, the pressures of domestic life, physical changes, and shifting personal interests all add up. And then there is menopause.

> Dr. Mayer’s book provides valuable, practical information and insight into women’s sexuality at every stop along the mental and physical process that is menopause. With the aid of questionnaires, sample dialogs and activities, Dr. Mayer provides a trained and experienced professional’s insights into how it is possible to reawaken a mature eroticism with a partner through a personalized expression of intimacy. Her examples, drawn from client’s lives and her own experience, are honest, down to earth, human and reassuring.
“Does Sex Have an Expiration Date” should be required reading for men.

Do any of these questions resonate with you?

  • Are you living in a sexless or near sexless relationship?
  • Does your partner want sex a lot more than you do?
  • Do physical problems keep you from enjoying sex?
  • Does sex no longer feel as good as it once did?
  • Is sex a topic you rarely discuss–or when you do, someone is angry?
  • Would you prefer never to have sex again?

This book might change your life. It offers unique solutions both to women who wish to revitalize their libido and to women not interested in being sexual, but who want to stay in their relationship. These solution options take into consideration you and your partner’s emotional needs, aging bodies, and health challenges.

The only thing needed is your willingness to examine your personal relationship with sex, and to explore approaches to sex within your relationship.

The material presented in this book will give you the opportunity to examine your lack of interest in sex and how various factors can affect your physical expression of intimacy. Moreover, medical and natural solutions are provided to deal with your perceived low libido, whether it has been compromised by hormonal imbalance, physical, and/or life challenges.

Are you tired of saying or hearing these words?

  • Not tonight dear
  • I’m too tired
  • Is sex the only thing on your mind?
  • We’re too old for sex.
  • When are we going to have sex again?
  • We haven’t had sex in so long, I’m beginning to think you don’t love me anymore?
  • You can’t expect me to go without sex.

These statements and questions are addressed, with information and activities found throughout the book. Sample dialogues are included to help alleviate any unease or embarrassment you may have in talking about anything related to sex and/or your body. The partial workbook format is designed to support you in exploring your connection with sex, and developing a personalized expression of intimacy.

I invite you to engage with this book and rediscover a renewed lifestyle and relationship, taking into consideration everyone’s sexual needs.