I believe people are responsible for their own sexual pleasure.

But with an ever changing body, creating pleasure can often be challenging. I developed the Ageless Sex philosophy to address the physical expression of intimacy, taking into consideration emotional needs, aging bodies, and health challenges. The following concepts form the Ageless Sex philosophy:

  • Authentic Sex Life: To recognize and honor how one feels about their sexuality and consciously act on it. 
  • Personal Path to Pleasure: A person’s pattern and style of creating sexual pleasure with an ever-changing body, together with a partner or solo. 
  • Conscious Coupling: Living an Authentic Sex Life within a relationship, taking into consideration everyone’s sexual needs. This might also mean not expressing oneself sexually or not very often. 


“I think what makes Dr. Mayer special is her comfort in talking about sex and normalizing sexual issues. It was the first time I didn’t feel self-conscious talking about my sexual problems.”…”Dr. Mayer answered all my sex questions without making me feel embarrassed. She never passed any judgement.”…“My sessions with Dr. Mayer felt like the adult sex-ed class I never had.”

Main Focus

In her private practice Dr. Mayer specializes in the libido (human sexual desire/drive), arousal, and the enhancement of intimacy and joy through the creation of a personal eroticism.


Dr. Mayer’s book, Does Sex Have an Expiration Date: A Guide to Developing Your Ageless Sex Life. https://bookshop.org/books/does-sex-have-an-expiration-date-rethinking-low-libido-for-women-aged-35-105-the-men-who-love-them-a-guide-to-developing-your-ageless-sex-life/9781733994811

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